Better future, better off

In a world where we are all connected in some way, our future lies in how we collectively respond to the challenges we face. We all have a role to play. Understanding where we can each make the biggest difference is the key to success.

At Scotiabank, we believe that every customer has the right to become better off. This core belief is how we strive to help our customers, employees, shareholders, and our planet – become better off.

We believe we can make progress in seven priority areas, – providing access to financing, enhancing financial knowledge, ensuring diversity and inclusion, investing in young people, providing responsible financing, addressing climate change and maintaining trust.

By improving the well-being of the communities where we live and work we are fostering long term success for our customers and our business

Better Future Better Off – Film

At Scotiabank, we recognize that efforts to address climate change will require a significant mobilization of capital from public and private sources worldwide. That’s why we have committed to mobilize $100 billion by 2025 to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Scotiabank Corporate Social Responsibility