Creating the Story

Canadian Business must lead the charge for inclusivity

Given that our bank’s success very much relies on the success of those around us, we have a vested interest in helping individuals and communities thrive in a changing world. Our goals are both local and beyond, recognizing that we have a role to play in contributing toward the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations to transform the world for the better. In our business we have targeted $100-billion toward initiatives in low-carbon lending, financing, asset management and other programs by 2030.
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Better future, better off

In a world where we are all connected in some way, our future lies in how we collectively respond to the challenges we face. We all have a role to play. Understanding where we can each make the biggest difference is the key to success.

Creating and promoting an inclusive culture

Our commitment to diversity is not only the right thing, it is critical to achieving our mission to be a leading North American bank. Our success depends on reflecting the communities where we do business and where our employees, customers and suppliers live, work and play.
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Accelerating social and environmental sustainability

Our vision is that every Canadian company creates a positive social, environmental, economic impact on society. And to position Canada a global example of how companies address the biggest social, environmental and economic challenges of our time.

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility was established in 1995, when corporate social responsibility was still a relatively new idea in Canada. When Canadian Business for Social Responsibility was established, our mandate was to help companies better engage and listen to their stakeholders as well as report more transparently through sustainability reporting. These are more or less standard activities today.

We have remained at the forefront of the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility over the past two decades. We often get asked “where is it going next?” One observation to note is that the definition of stakeholders has changed significantly. Future generations are stakeholders now, which is different from the original idea of stakeholders and engagement. Today, doing less harm is not seen as responsible action. Consumers, investors and employees want to know how companies are aligning their business models with a more equitable world in balance with nature.

However, the problems facing society are so urgent and so complex that no single organization could possibly expect to address them on their own. That is why Canadian Business for Social Responsibility is focused on developing and facilitating collaborative frameworks using a Collective Impact approach to bring the right stakeholders together to address major challenges at the scale required.

We care about the things that are important to Canadians and we have observed that there are currently three separate national conversations taking place on innovation, sustainability and global competitiveness. We believe these should not be separate. To us, they are the same conversation and we are engaging Canadians to envision a greater leadership role for the private sector in this important conversation.
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility